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How to Help Your Children Improve Their Memory

Have you ever really stopped to think about how much we as humans learn throughout our childhood?How to Help Your Children Improve Their Memory

We all start our lives as a blank slate that eventually becomes filled with words, facts, memories, and experiences. As we age, some memories fade while others remain with us throughout our lives.

The sheer thought of all that a young child must learn – and children learn quickest between the ages of zero and five years of age – can seem overwhelming for us as parents. For most children, the world is a vast and an exciting place and learning can be a fun and a thrilling adventure.

You can help your child – and you – to improve his and your memory skills by keeping the following tips in mind:

Talk about the details. One of the best ways to improve the memory is to talk about the details of what happened yesterday, of the movie you just saw, the book you just read, and so on. For example, spend time each day talking with your child about what he did that day or the day before. Ask plenty of questions: Where did you go today? Who did you see? What did you do first? Then what did you do? Your child will need to use his memory to talk about the day’s events and, by using his memory, he’s strengthening it.

Don’t expect your child to know or to remember everything. If he forgets something, point it out. That will likely jog his memory and get him talking about what he thought he forgot.

Listen to music. Many children learn the alphabet by singing the “ABC Song.” Think about it. Can you remember the words to all of your favorite songs? Kids can too. Listening to songs is an effective and a fun way for children to learn and to remember the alphabet, the days of the week, the months of the year, the countries of the world…many, many different things. You can usually find a song for every possible educational subject on YouTube and if you can’t find one you like, make one up. It doesn’t matter how silly or if you sing off key. Your child will remember the words to the song and, in turn, will remember the lesson. That’s the key.

Read. Inspire a love of reading with your child by reading books to him every day. In addition to showing him how much fun reading is you will also help him improve his memory. As he hears the book over and over, he’s going to start remembering the words and the details of the story, which he can then repeat to you and to others.

Practice. Children have a lot to learn and a lot of what they learn will require memorization skills. Young children start by learning to count to 10. Then, they count to 20, all the way up to 100. Eventually, they will learn to count by twos, fives, and tens. But, to get to that point, they need to practice and practice. Maybe you’re on a drive across town with your child or your child is playing in the bath. Start counting together. Take turns counting and let your child count on his own.

Play games. Playing games can be a great way to improve memory. You can buy games at the store or even make up your own games. For example, maybe you are going on a long drive. You decide that everyone in the car is going to take turns saying something they’ve just seen and everyone will repeat the list when it is his turn then add what he just saw. You might start by saying, “a red car.” Your child might then say, “a red car” and “a big tree.” The next person would say “a red car,” “a big tree,” and “a waterfall” and so on.

Get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential to promoting memory. If your child doesn’t get enough sleep, his mind is going to be tired. So is yours. That means it’s essential for both you and your child to consistently get a good night’s sleep. Your memory depends on it.

Eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet tends to lead to more mental and physical energy, which helps improve memory. An unhealthy diet, on the other hand, can lead to health problems and a general sluggishness. Promote healthy eating in your family.

The Meta4Kids story, the Disc in Mind: Was Created To Promote Learning and Remembering teaches the concept of memory – and remembering what we and our children learn – by comparing our mind to a computer and our memory to a disc drive that stores all of the information we acquire during our lives. Designed to help improve memory in both parents and their children, this interactive eBook can be read nightly.


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