Stuart Walter


My name is Stuart Walter and I am a professionally trained clinical hypnotherapist, specialising in elite sports and business performance.
I work with people to maximise performance, attitude and results.   Clients have included State, National, Commonwealth and World Champions.   Within the walls of my professional offices in Brisbane, Australia, many lives have been transformed forever.

It is as a father that I experienced the greatest pleasure in seeing the enormous growth and development that occurs when children are provided with the opportunity to release the endless potential and abilities that lie within.  Having been around hypnotherapy and natural therapies all of my life (both my parents were practitioners), I know the abilities we all have within us.

As a parent myself, I marvel each and every day at the growth and development of my own son as he learns, lives, explores and evolves.  He makes me laugh, he makes me cry and leaves me speechless with his antics, knowledge and ability to live and learn.
As a professional speaker and published author, I present regular seminars and love sharing my knowledge and experience gained through thousands of clients over the years. I am a regular on Brisbane radio (B105) working with the hosts as they get through the mental fears and doubts as they prepare for challenges set by the other hosts.  I am a Master Collaborator for the next global self empowerment film 'The Difference', a film that will open the hearts and minds of people all over the World.
Creating champions is in my blood and I am pleased to be able to share my passion and abilities with you in creating the path in life for your own little champions.