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How to Help Your Children Deal with Their Emotions

Children must learn how to deal with and to express their emotions. Parents can help their children to deal with their emotions and even encourage them to express their emotions by doing the following:

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Facts and Myths about Toilet Training

Oh, my kid learned to use the toilet before he could even walk. 

Girls are just easier to toilet train than boys.

My daughter never had any accidents when toilet training.

Sound familiar? If you’re currently toilet training or you’re getting ready to toilet train your child, you’re probably also being bombarded with well-meaning advice from family members, friends, and other parents who just want to share their toilet training experiences in hopes of helping you.

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Healthy Habits that Lead to Healthy Teeth

Building a foundation for a healthy life starts in childhood. Children who develop healthy habits generally grow into adults with healthy habits. But, the fact is kids don’t really think about what’s healthy or what’s best for them. They want to do things that are fun and that keep them interested.

So, if you want your children to develop the healthy habits that will lead to healthy teeth, consider making the process – brushing their teeth and eating the right foods, for example – as enjoyable as possible. 

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How to Help Your Children Improve Their Memory

Have you ever really stopped to think about how much we as humans learn throughout our childhood?

We all start our lives as a blank slate that eventually becomes filled with words, facts, memories, and experiences. As we age, some memories fade while others remain with us throughout our lives.

The sheer thought of all that a young child must learn – and children learn quickest between the ages of zero and five years of age – can seem overwhelming for us as parents. For most children, the world is a vast and an exciting place and learning can be a fun and a thrilling adventure.

You can help your child – and you – to improve his and your memory skills by keeping the following tips in mind: 

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How to Stop Your Child from Nail Biting

Bad habits are often hard to break. And nail biting, arguably one of the most common childhood habits that often spills over into adulthood if not addressed, is no exception.

Like any other habit, nail biting isn’t easy to break. If you work with your child, you can help him or her overcome it. Just as biting one’s nails is a learned behavior, stopping biting one’s nails is a learned behavior.

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Tips for Teaching Your Children to Solve Their Own Problems

Mummy! Daddy! I can’t reach my shirt in the closet. I can’t find my football. I can’t put my books on the bookshelf by myself.

How many times do you hear your name being called because your child needs help to solve a problem? And, how many of those times has your child asked for help without even trying to solve the problem himself first? Maybe he hasn’t thought to use a stool to reach his shirt. Perhaps the football is in plain sight but he didn’t bother looking. Or, maybe he just doesn’t want to clean up himself. This article shares how some great tips on teaching your children to solve their own problems.

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Tips for Helping a Child Overcome a Fear of Water

You might have heard the old saying that it’s better to just quickly pull a bandage off because it’s a few seconds of pain rather than the expanded period of pain that occurs when you peel a bandage off little by little. Sometimes just jumping all into something makes sense. Other times, it can result in trauma and it, if not dealt with appropriately, can develop into a lifelong fear. Here are some great ways to to introduce your chilld and get them comfortable with water.

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How to Help a Child Overcome Trauma

Many people have an idealized vision of what childhood should be: Carefree, happy days spent playing with friends, riding bikes, running through sprinklers, and racing to finish an ice cream cone before it melts and makes a sticky mess. Childhood should be about creating lasting memories children can someday share with their own children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, childhood is sometimes marred by trauma that results from tragedy – such as seeing a violent crime or being abused or victimized – or even major life changes, like moving to a new city or dealing with the divorce of parents.

Trauma is very real, and parents can be proactive in helping their child deal with emotional trauma. The first step in that process is to know how to identify the common symptoms of childhood trauma.

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Routine: How to Help a Child Cope with a Change in Routine

Some people thrive on routine while others shun it, instead preferring to live spontaneously and without a plan from day to day. Parents, no matter how much they may have once lamented the drudgery of a routine, often quickly discover that children need and thrive on a regular routine.

Unfortunately, children have little choice as to whether they live in a structured home with routine or in a chaotic home with little structure.

Let’s look at the benefits of routine for your child before discussing how you can help your child cope with a change in routine – whether it’s due to a new baby, moving, or starting a new school.

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A Dream Realized: How to Positively Influence Your Child’s Dreams

Parents influence – whether positively or negatively, intentionally or unintentionally – their children. Imagine you have a young child who runs up to you one day, her eyes wide and her smile the biggest you have ever seen, and she tells you, “Mommy, Daddy, I know what I want to be when I grow up! I want to be an astronaut! I’m going to travel into space one day!”

How you respond to your child’s dream can mean the difference between that dream being crushed or being nurtured for as long as it remains one of your child’s aspirations.

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How to Build Self-Confidence That Will Last a Lifetime

Words shape a child’s self-image. Hurtful words, no matter how unintended, can scar children for a lifetime just as uplifting words can help them develop the self-confidence they will need to succeed throughout their lives.

How you talk to and treat your child will have a lasting impact on them. Constantly pointing out the negative about a child – how he doesn’t clean up his room after playing, how she doesn’t keep up with you when you’re walking fast, or how he doesn’t get perfect scores in school – will result in your child having a negative self-image.

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How to Set Boundaries for Your Kids

Some kids have no boundaries, which can result in them becoming lost and uncontrollable, and some have such tight boundaries that they have no chance to make mistakes or to explore. Help your children embrace the boundaries you’ve set for them with this story, The Mouse Cage. 

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How to Help Your Children Slow Down

Today’s generations always have so much to do.

Go back a century and life was slower. Children went to school, played with their friends after school, and returned home to do their chores. Maybe, after dinner and the evening chores were done, they headed outside to play until it got dark.

Today’s children are often so overscheduled – with school, play dates, and extracurricular activities – that there’s no time for kids to just be kids anymore. Add the fact that even toddlers now know how to use technology, like iPads and mobile phones, and kids are growing up faster than ever before.

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The Constipation Conundrum: Common Symptoms and Treatments

Most parents will likely agree that one of the hardest parts of parenthood is seeing their children suffer from any sort of pain – emotional or physical.  Kids will go through their growing pains regardless of how we do our best to protect them.

And, that means they will sometimes deal with the painful parts of growing up like getting their hearts broken, learning how to deal with bullies, and health issues like constipation.

The good news is constipation is one of the most common issues among children.

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Parents: How to Take Back Your Control

Sometimes, no matter what you do, it just seems like the kids are running the show. You know if you don’t give in, they will react badly. If you do give in, you will temporarily satisfy them, but you’re sending them the message that they are in control and they know it. If you find yourself in that situation, you’re probably ready to take back control.  As daunting as it may initially seem, taking back control is attainable if you keep a following tips in mind.

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How to Help a Child Cope With a Bully

Go back 30 or 40 years, long before the debut of the internet, and kids dealt with their problems a lot differently than they do today. They scuffled on the playground or got into a verbal argument, and eventually all was forgotten. Here are some signs you need to be aware of Your Child May be the Victim of a Bully and Tips to help your child.

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Tips for Getting Even Stubborn Kids to Eat Healthy Foods

Getting a child to eat can be one of parenting’s biggest challenges. You may, in fact, be one of those parents who wonders how your child even survives day to day on what he eats.

Maybe he’s on a kick where all he wants to eat is mac and cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Or, maybe she takes a few bites at every meal then declares she’s full.

Kids go through phases, especially when it comes to food and eating.  Fortunately, they are also resilient and they will eat when they are hungry. A lot of those same kids are also stubborn and picky, making it important for you to take a proactive stance to get your child to eat healthy. Get your kids excited about eating learn how here.

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Tips for Dealing with Bed Wetting

Accidents happen. Even children who are fully toilet trained will have accidents sometimes, especially at night.

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Tips for Helping Your Child to Wind Down and Sleep

Bedtime can quickly turn into a nightmare for an energetic child who hasn’t had the opportunity to relax and prepare for sleep.

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