How does it work?

The most commonly asked questions

Does It Work?

Yes it works. I am continually surprise by the outcomes and the results shown. The first 2 Meta 4’s written, for the same child. His mum stopped smoking a few weeks earlier and as we chatted about hypnotherapy she mentioned that her son was angry due to a ‘blockage’ in his bottom.
The last time he went to the toilet there was pain and blood, I was asked if I could do anything, so with this I developed the first of my stories, the following day the mother came to me with an amazed look on her face… her son (then 4) had gone to the toilet and there was no comment of pain and everything was back to normal.
It was only a few minutes later in conversation that I was stopped in my conversation as the mother asked her son if he wanted to go for a swim… the response… “Don’t let my die mummy, don’t let me die” for 2 1/2 years, this child could not have his face splashed with water, no hair washing and no swimming. The son had slipped into the pool during a swimming lesson and the result was intense to say the least.
With my heart in my mouth and tear in my eye thinking about this and my own son I created the 2nd story (Fly and be free) I delivered this to Mum. It was the following day as we returned to the caravan after a day out as we passed the neighbours walking back from the swimming pool. A puzzled look on Mums face followed by a shrug of the shoulders as the child told me a story of how “we just went swimming and I dived under the water and splashed and… and”.

How Does it Work?

Metaphors are used in everyday life to explain situations in business, relationships and life. The unconscious mind (subconscious mind) has an average age of a 7 year old child and every child loves a story… don’t you?
We all do this… we hear a conversation in passing and automatically think it is about us, we read take it personally and internally reflect on the comments! Kids do the same!
What has been done is to adapt ‘real life experiences’ and loop in the underlying suggestions to resolve child hood issues, the child will use their imagination during the reading to create the solution with out them knowing.
Each will take the child on a short simple journey, yet with the interaction from the reader/parents, NLP processes, hidden language patterns, pauses and gestures, it doubles as a learning/ fixing process without the child knowing.

Is it Dangerous?

NO. The unconscious mind will not allow a negative change, any change it makes is always for a positive… although with the benefit of hindsight at times we realised we made the wrong decision… at the time it was always a positive!

Kids are exposed to so many troubling issues these days, it is just such a positive to be able to reverse the influences that families, school, friends and the media has contributed to. Nothing is being changed within any child, it is just like us watching a feel good movie on TV and they are all full of metaphors.

How do I read it?

This is demonstrated in the introduction video that comes with the program.

As parents you know how to read to your child more then I do, it is this reason that they become so powerful, children have the unconditional love and trust and as such, will listen to you rather than a stranger. Practice reading a few times before delivery as the language patterns, gestures and pauses may confuse you.

A 1 second pause is… (3 dots)

Orange words are gestures that are to be used in combination with the words, they enhance the story as the child’s
unconscious mind will pick up on the gestures.

Use a smooth flowing tone in your voice almost sleepy, that way it gives you more time to understand what words and
actions are next.

As a reminder of the change and story certain words are underlined, these are “anchors”, they are a link to the story so that
anytime of the day at unrelated times the mention of these wor or gestures will take the child’s mind back to the story.

Use the result as the question, as an example, ‘The slippery slide’ (Bedwetting) – You are… dry this morning… are you not?

If so PRAISE THEM. If not… say, that’s great… tomorrow your MUSCLES Will hold on really tight and…
                 YOU WILL WAKE UP DRY.

Can I do it wrong?

NO. Choose the most appropriate story, practice the delivery, slow down the reading so if you do mix up your words it is not as noticeable. The child will probably be immersed in the story anyway, take a breath and continue, go over the last few lines if you wish to.

What ages does it work for?

I have noticed change in 18 month old children through to adults when using metaphors. You will have to remember that as children they have their own time for change, forcing them into change will not work, as soon as they show signs of change for example, toilet training, then it will work very well.

Here are a futher answers to your Questions:


Which story might be suitable (if any) for an early rising child and one that has fear of dogs?

A child that wakes up early… my initial thoughts are, where do I start, there are soo many contributing factors here, specifics are going to be needed before I can even consider recommending a particular story.

We do have stories for kids sleeping ‘The Dolphins at the Beach’ and the story that every child and parent needs ‘The Bubble’ these will certainly assist in allowing the child to deal with potential triggers to staying asleep.

Fears are generally all the same in the creation process, fear of water, fear of heights and dogs are all created through a negative experience in the past.

If the child has not had a direct bad experience, it can be learnt through the parent’s actions, through bad dreams, through other kids’ experiences.


Would your nail biting story be suitable for a child that picks their nails (my son used to bite them and I used stop bite for 3 months, now he picks them instead)

The biting or picking is generally the automatic response morphing into another. This is very common. And if they do this without them knowing and being aware of biting, again ‘The Bubble’ deals with emotional response and ‘The Rotten Fish’ will track the picking back to biting and potentially resolve this.


Is there an optimum number of books to read each night? (ie. if I read 3 or more am I overloading the child’s capacity to absorb?)

Every child is different, I would recommend 1 story per night and let it process. Kids have an ability to absorb all 20 at once! They are incredible… they can watch the same movie 50 times and still be excited by it. It is just best to get in a short sharp message, don’t question anything just trust they will go to sleep to process it.


If the child is listening to your music before sleep & they fall asleep do you let it play out?

Yep let it play out, my son is 9 now and still goes to sleep with his CD player playing the music… you can use it yourself, it is sooooo relaxing, enjoy it!


I know you mention a fast success rate for some people, what is the average amount of time a book might take before having an effect?

Every child will begin to process the story immediately, results have shown 80% of results happen overnight and generally the rest in the few days.

As soon as they hear a story they begin to immerse themselves into it and become it, the results are determined by the individual child’s inner processing.

Highly analytical kids may not respond at all because they are very guarded and self protection walls are always up.


How long is the recommended ‘use time’ if I am not getting results?

Belief in the results will go a long way to great results, if you believe they are not going to work, save your money. If a child is not responding after a few reads over a few days then, it is best delivering another story in conjunction. This is why we developed the 3 packs, so a specific issue can be attacked from a few angles.

If you are still not getting results, I would highly recommend a personal visit to a specialist hypnotherapist who works with kids.


If a child has multiple fears am I best to target one issue at a time, get that resolved and move on or is it best to read several stories over a week and continue along the same path the following week?

Fears are all created and built the same way, again have a read of the descriptions for each individual story and select a few and always add in ‘The Bubble’ and ‘The Ocean’ and maybe ‘The Hermit Crab’ they are awesome. Many fears can be processed at the same time.


Do people who have initial success with your method relapse at any point (eg. nightime wetting having occasional accidents several months later)?

As the kids create the issues in their own heads they will destroy them in their own heads. This may be instant and because they created the solution, it will be forever! Results parents have experienced and reported back to me, they have never relapsed as a habit. They might have a slight wetness on a few occasions and that may be due to some other factor, it will resolve itself quickly, otherwise read the story again or just remind them to ‘wake up dry’ and they will.

As with all habits, some may be triggered several years later through the growth and development stages. These stories will be very effective with kids up to 10 years.