How Meta4Kids started

How Meta4Kids all started

It was during my professional training as a clinical hypnotherapist that I learnt the best way to deal with children’s issues. Kids are always in a trance like state, they soak things up so quickly and love reading stories and having stories read to them. 

And it is OK… No hypnosis is used in these stories. I am amazed that some people think just because I am a hypnosis professional, that these stories are somehow hypnotising kids. It is a story that parents, carers and teachers read to their children. It just happens that my training as a hypnotherapist has given me incredible insight into the mind and how to transform thinking and actions. 

It was during a summer holiday, I met a mother who mentioned that she gave up smoking using hypnosis and was amazed and the simplicity of the process and how easy it actually was.

We spoke for a while and then commented that her son was angry due to a ‘blockage’ in his bottom, his previous toilet visits involved discomfort, pain and blood. As a result, he was consciously avoiding going to the toilet.  The secondary behavioural changes were a consequence of this toileting avoidance, like irritable behaviour, anger, screaming and lack of sleep.

His worried mother asked if I there was anything I could do to help her son?

I had a concept churning since my training and here was the opportunity to create it. Metaphors are used in everyday life to help describe some is like something. I know that psychosomatic behaviour (mind body communication) exists, so there has to be a link between the 2.

Telling a story to a child, naturally they become part of the story and the root cause is revealed through the stories and the solution provided within the framework of the story.

The metaphors in the stories work for children from 18 months through to about 10 years. They are also used in my clinical environment with World Champion athletes and entrepreneurs in a slightly different delivery method.

I have written these stories to share with parents to help them improve the lives of their children. I have had great results with my initial experience with a mother’s child and my own son. I decided to continue to develop the stories so every child and parent has the opportunity to also benefit without the need for drugs or specialists.

Children create the issues in their own mind and hence, can dissolve and resolve the issue using their own mind too.

I developed the first of my stories on the laptop and printed it out for the mum  and gave her a few reading instructions and she was off, ‘The Baseball Player’ story was written and now for the test. I had the mother read it to her son that night.

The following day the mother came to me with an amazed look on her face… her son (then 4 years old) had gone to the toilet, there was no comment of pain, and everything was back to normal. The meta4kids concept was born, tested and with instant results!

It was only a few minutes later as she was marvelling at how simple and efficient the meta4kids story was in resolving toileting issues… then another opportunity/ issue arose.

The mother turned to her 4 year-old son and asked if he wanted to go for a swim… the response… “Don’t let my die mummy! Don’t let me die”

Being fully aware of the intensity of his response, the mother provided me with the background.  For the past 2 ½ years her son could not have his face splashed with water, no hair washing and no swimming.  At the age of 18 months, he had slipped into the pool during a swimming lesson and nearly drowned, the long-term effects were intense to say the least.

With my heart in my mouth and tear in my eye (thinking about this and my own son who was slightly younger), I created the second story ‘Fly and Be Free’ and I delivered this to Mum who read the story that night.

The following day as I returned from a day out, I found a look of amazement on the mother’s face, followed by a shrug of the shoulders and a smile as her son excitedly told me how “we just went swimming and I dived under the water and splashed and… and…”

This world first concept and the incredible results experienced, opened my mind to creating these for every parent.

And luckily, for you and your kids, I persisted with this concept. I was told 12 years ago that it was not possible to achieve these results in children this quickly. Even more ridicule about my idea to translate these into a physical book that others read and still get results. Professionals like psychologists, children’s book critics and a very well educated professor, among those quick to laugh at me for thinking this is possible.… And all after the results had been achieved.

Here we are 13 years later (now 2018) and with 20+ individual stories written and tested, with another 15 in the process, I am well on the way to creating a manual for parents!

In this collection of stories I have covered many issues from the first 2 for constipation and fear of the water, to cover bed wetting, toilet training, emotional protection, personal growth, bullying, eating health, sleeping, listening, split families and many more.


I look forward to sharing these powerful but simple stories with your family!