Success Stories

Therese Glowaski, QLD

We are on night 2 and it works! I keep pinching myself thinking how can it be this easy… Our 5yo is now in undies from this program. It really works.

Jill Wolff, QLD

We have made a conscious effort to ask, ‘were you dry last night?’ instead of ‘did you wet the bed last night?’ And have found this little thing has lowered the number of times she wets the bed during the week.

Vee, QLD

After trying everything to help our 7 year old son (who is diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome) stop wetting the bed, I heard about Stuart’s bedwetting story, and although skeptical, was willing to give it a try. How could a story stop something as difficult and habitual as bedwetting?

Well, believe it or not, after two nights, I awoke to the sound of our son getting himself up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet … something he just did not do unless it was me dragging him there!

Day 3, dry bed … Day 4, dry bed… Day 5, dry bed. We are so intrigued and amazed at how easy, and fun it was, and how quickly our son responded to Stuart’s story. I wouldn’t believe I would be saying this, but it really does work! Thanks Stuart! What other stories do you have!.

Faith Black, QLD

I had read the story to him three times before I left and asked my husband to continue whilst I was gone… which he did. I am ecstatic to say that our son has only had a few incidents since we first started the story. I am over the moon with the results and cannot thank you enough. It’s a nightly ritual with our son now which he looks forward to every night AND he even reads the story to us (pauses included). He wakes up during the night which is a fete in itself. So a million thank you’s. Something so simple has helped our sanity (and not to mention laundry bill) immensely! Where to from here?

Kind regards, Faith and Neville Black

Update – He would wake up by himself to go to the toilet. That is amazing progress for us.

Therese, QLD

Hi Stuart,

Ok so I thought I’d give you an interim update. Allana (5) has woken up dry for the last 2 nights. She’s either psychic or just very smart because as soon as I started reading it she knew it was to help her and her sister wake up dry. She told me a doctor gave it to me and when she woke dry it was b/c mummy read her the slippery slide story. She also was at school all day Tuesday so didn’t even know I’d spoken to you! haha. The first time I read the story, about half way through she was looking at the back of the paper that I was reading from and it was like she was there but off with her imagination. I had a feeling about then that it would work!

Makeisha (3) has been a bit distracted the last 2 nights so I’ve decided I will read them the story separately and started that last night. She has woken up wet both nights but seems to be less wet than she usually is.

I’ve also been going in during the early stage of sleep and saying softly “stay dry all night”.

Ok, that’s all for now – I’m truly amazed. I just keep pinching myself and thinking is it really THIS EASY?! Incredible. I’m looking forward to testing out the story to encourage good eating! haha.

Anthony, QLD

Hi Stuart,

I purchased M4K a little while ago and was not sure that they were working until one day at soccer my seven year old daughter, who is quite shy and lacking in confidence, was asked to be the goalie. She had never done it before and was anxious. I said to her ‘darling, you can do anything’ and was about to continue to build her up with my words when she cut me off and said ‘like the light switch Daddy?’

‘The light switch’ is a story for self-confidence which I had read to my daughter about three weeks before! These stories really work! The story was rattling around inside her head, and I had unwittingly said the ‘anchor’ and she had remembered the entire story. She played the half as goalie and did not let one goal through! I was so proud of her!

Later I reflected on what she had said and realised that she had really come out of her shell over the past few months, but that it had been a gradual process and that I had not realised it as it was happening as I only get her every second weekend. Thanks Meta4kids for helping me develop a confident little girl.

Oh, and I am proud to say that she ended up getting ‘most improved’ for the season of soccer.

Anthony, QLD

To be honest I was a bit sceptical that simply reading a one-page story to my almost four year old son could stop him from wetting the bed! But I purchased the three pack and started the process. On the second night, he asked to not wear his nappy to bed. I was nervous about this, but ran with it and he woke up dry. I continued reading the ‘slippery slide’ and the other two stories to him over five nights and we then gave away the box of pull-up nappies we had left.

It is now five months on and he has only wet the bed once in all that time! I occasionally read him one of the stories as he goes to bed, and always say ‘You will wake up dry…didn’t you?’ to him as I give him a kiss and hug goodnight. I still find it amazing how easily it worked. It has made him feel like a ‘big boy’, saved me a heap of money and time by not buying nappies and not washing sheets and when he stays at friends or family’s, he does so confidently. I have just purchased the entire set of Meta4kids and can’t wait to see the other results.

Proud [single] Dad