The Creator

The Creator and Author is Stuart Walter

Firstly and proudly… I am a husband and father of an amazing young man, he is 13 now, and in high school.

I am Stuart Walter, the CEO of Stuart Walter International, Managing Director of the Elite Mindset Institute and Creator and Author of Meta4Kids. I am proud to be able to share this world first concept and collection of short stories for kids with you.

Here is a little about my professional life to give you an understanding of the person who has written these kids stories. I am a Peak Performance Mindset Specialist, professionally trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. I have a unique ability to assist people to change the way they think, believe, act and communicate. Experiencing amazing results that still surprise me after all these years.

I gained my knowledge about the mind and the basic fundamentals in clinical practice over the last 13 years in working with approximately 7,800 people directly, including 36 World Champion athletes, incredible entrepreneurs and champions in life. My background is in understanding the mind and how the conscious and unconscious minds create and overcome issues.

Thousands of people have been impacted in a positive way over the last 13 years by my books, programs, talks and treatments over the years. I am a published author and international speaker and have been on TV, radio and in print around Australia and overseas due to the methods and fast track results my clients and customers achieve.

Meta4Kids is just one of the concepts and brands that have developed, I continually create and develop products and programs for people of all age and with all types of issues.

Creating and telling my son stories since he was born was the reason this concept evolved. Our lives have been documented in this collection, these stories are very safe and I created them with my son in mind so so any thoughts that these Meta4Kids stories have some harmful effects by hypnotising kids is crazy.

Please understand, Meta4Kids stories are written stories, that you as parent’s, grandparents, carers and teachers actually read/ deliver to the kids. 

The greatest satisfaction I experience in my work in the Meta4Kids brand, is in seeing the instant changes and enormous growth and development that occurs when children are provided with the opportunity to release the endless potential and abilities that lie within themselves. The results still blow me away and I created the concept and stories!