What is Meta4Kids?

What is Meta4Kids? And what is in a name?

Meta-programs are our thought processes. They create and dictate our actions, behaviours and reactions. They determine when and how we run our programs and the choice of programs we run. In short they are our ‘model of the world’.
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) describes dynamics in mind (Neuro) language (linguistic) and how they effects our attitudes and behavior (programming). In NLP there are “Meta-programs”. They outline out how different people think and work differently. People have, for various reasons, different modes of thinking and operating, either consistently or in specific situations. It is working within the Meta programs that, in a positive way, brings out consistently high results through application of the processes. These meta programs are inbuilt and/or learnt and as such can be altered or changed.

What is Meta4?

Wikipedia describes a metaphor (meta4) as a literary figure of speech that uses an image, story or tangible thing to represent some intangible quality, idea or thing.
Metaphor is used to achieve their effects via association, comparison or resemblance.
Metaphors are used in everyday life in books, movies and TV shows to explain situations. What Meta4kids stories do is to adapt metaphors to suit childhood issues and getting the results at the deeper unconscious level.
Meta programs, as previously described, are open to interpretation in many ways and it is in these many ways that kids immerse themselves into the story and using their meta programs… they create the solutions.

Who and What is it 4? and For?

For the kids to change, improve and be empowered.
For the parents to understand and be part of the change, for calm and in control parents.
For a kid who has now got the ‘toolbox’ to deal with the issues from the past and prepare them for the future.
For parents, who now have a manual for their kids!!!


Children, offspring, rug rats or baby goats?
The best to change your kids is to change yourself. These Meta4kids stories and the information supplied in the ‘toolbox’ will create awareness in your own actions and reactions. When you adapt to new wording, actions and behaviors… so will they.


 A storage case for tools.
A set of pre-existing routines for use in writing new programs (Computing).

You will have:

All 20+ stories.
Meta4kids music for sleep.
Links to downloads for kids sleep MP3 and a special busy Mums MP3 relaxation and self empowerment MP3.
Automatic updates for future stories written.
Special videos of other processes Stuart has recorded.

The Meta4kids toolbox carries the tools you need to create amazing changes in your kids.